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CardioMedive, a Romanian healthcare start-up, started 3 years ago from ground up the development of a complex system for medical examination and monitoring represented by a multi-functional device completed by a wearable wireless medical device that once applied on the patient’s chest can measure continuously a complete set of physiological and vital parameters. Most of the existing devices measure only a limited set of parameters.

The monitoring device is a discreet and easy-to-wear patch that can measure day-and-night the most important parameters. With an autonomy of 14 days, the device can be worn all the time, even when you work out or even under the shower. The collected data is transmitted with the help of a smartphone to a cloud application, which analyzes the information and generates reports sent to the doctors in charge of the patients. 

The wearable device measures accurately the electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate and variability, pulse rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiratory rate, blood pressure and trends in its variation, body temperature, activity and body posture. In this way, it is highly possible that with real-time monitoring and a continuous analysis of the vital signs we can detect prematurely the medical emergencies. 

The examination device within the solution – which integrates a video sensor, an infrared thermometer and an electronic stethoscope – enables a complete medical examination with no doctor-patient contact from the comfort of the patient’s home. It can be used by the medic to examine the heart, lungs, throat, ears, skin, abdomen and body temperature, allowing to diagnose and treat many of the most common diseases, but it could also be used to monitor chronic conditions and the status after a surgery or procedure. After remotely establishing the diagnostic and prescribing the treatment, the evolution of the patient status can be monitored by the same doctor with the help of the intelligent patch included in the provided kit.

These innovations will be useful in helping the patients with chronic diseases, (especially the elder people and the persons with difficulties in walking) cardiovascular diseases, in case of pregnancy, pre and postoperative monitoring and in areas like medical assistance and 24/7 house monitoring. 

In the current context of Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, our solutions offer zero contact between the patient and the doctor, allowing to mitigate the contamination risk of healthcare professionals. By not requiring the patient to go to the hospital or the doctor to go to the patient house, the number of consultations that can be carried out during the same period by the medical staff increases substantially. Moreover, the doctors situated in the unaffected areas can help the overloaded colleagues in the areas with outbreaks of infection without having to be detached from the area where they are located. In their turn,  the physicians in quarantine, but not confirmed with Coronavirus, could still offer remote consultations to support the medical system, without exposing the patients. After completing the remote diagnosis with the help of our device, the monitoring of the patient continues for another 14 days. 

For real-time feedback on the evolution of the patient’s condition, the device also has a panic button for the sudden deterioration of his/her health, the solution including the possibility of showing the exact location of the patient. 

At this moment the team brings together engineers, doctors and specialists who work intensively to finalize the clinical tests within the hospitals and to launch the product in the shortest possible time on the market.

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