Bombay Street Food

Pav Bhaji

A spicy blend of vegetables and potatoes in tomato gravy served with a bun.

$ 11.99
Puri Alubhaji

Spiced potato dish served with deep-fried flat rounds of flour.

$ 10.99
Cheese Pav Bhaji

A spicy blend of vegetables and potatoes in tomato gravy served with loads of cheese and served with bun.

$ 12.99
Alu Paratha

Indian flatbread stuffed with potato.

$ 11.99
Cholay Bhature

Spicy chickpeas curry served with fried leavened flatbread.

$ 12.99
Gobi Paratha

Indian flatbread stuffed with cauliflower.

$ 11.99
Cheese Paratha

Indian flatbread stuffed with cheese.

$ 12.99
Vada Pav

Yellow spicy potato patty sandwiched between 2 buns.

$ 9.99

Spiced potato masala that is stuffed between pav slathered with sweet chutney, red chili-garlic chutney and then topped sev.

$ 9.99



A special dough pastry stuffed with potatoes and peas with 5 spice flavors.

$ 5.99
Alu Papdi Chat

Spiced potatoes and chickpeas topped with yogurt and tamarind sauce.

$ 8.99
Chat Platter

The mix of a variety of chars sprinkled with 3 types of chutneys sprinkled with seasoning and served in a platter.

$ 12.99
Bombay Bhel

Puffed fice mix with crispy wafers, chutney, potato, sprouts and onions.

$ 8.99
Raj Kachori

Spicy chat bowl stuffed with sprout filling served with curd, chutney and sev.

$ 8.99
Sev Puri

Flat crispy wafers loaded with diced potatoes, onions, chutneys and sprinkled with seasoning tomatoes, onions, cilantro sauce and tamarind.

$ 8.99
Pani Puri

Crispy puffed wafers served with spicy mint water, chutneys and potatoes.

$ 8.99
Samosa Chat

Crispy stuffed potato pastry served in a gravy of chickpeas and garnished with 3 homemade chutneys.

$ 8.99
Alu Tikki Chat

Crispy potato cutlets dunked in chickpeas gravy, topped with tangy tamarind sauce and green coriander chutney.

$ 8.99
Dahi Puri

Crispy wafer balls stuffed with sprouts, potato, yogurt, chutney and sprinkled with sev.

$ 8.99
Ragda Pattice

Crispy potato patties topped with white peas curry, chutney, onions and sev.

$ 8.99


Bombay Grill Sandwich

Grilled vegetable sandwich with coriander and mint chutney and special sandwich masala.

$ 10.99
Chowpatty Special Sandwich

Unique jumbo sandwich served with loads of cheese, veggies and fries.

$ 13.99

Dosa & Idli

Sada Dosa

Crisp plain dosa.

$ 10.99
Masala Dosa

Dosa mixed with lightly spiced onions and spiced potatoes.

$ 11.99
Maysore Dosa

Dosa lathered with fiery red chutney.

$ 12.99
Maysore Masala Dosa

Dosa lathered with a fiery red chutney and stuffed with some spiced mashed potatoes and onion filling.

$ 13.99
Cheese Dosa

Dosa loaded with cheese and spices.

$ 11.99
Bombay Bhaji Dosa

Dosa mixed with a spicy blend of vegetables in tomato gravy.

$ 13.99
Chinese Spring Dosa

A tweaked version of dosa with the filling of vegetables and Chinese basic trio of vinegar, soy and chilly sauces.

$ 13.99
Jinni Roll Dosa

Stuffing of mix veggies semi-cooked in Schwan sauce and few Indian spice blends. Rolled and grated cheese on top.

$ 14.99

Fluffy steamed rice cake made with rice and lentil batter.

$ 8.99
Onion Chili Tomato Utthapam

Thick rice and lentil pancakes topped with onions, green chili, and cilantro served with sambhar and chutney.

$ 12.99
Paneer Tikka Dosa

$ 13.99


Spring Rolls (4pcs)

Flaky roIled appetizers filled with vegetables sauteed in Chinese sauces and deep-fried.

$ 5.99
Vegetable Hakka Noodles

Noodles tossed in vegetables, garlic and soy sauce.

$ 12.99
Gobi Manchurian

Cauliflower deep-fried and tossed in sweet, sour and hot Manchurian sauce.

$ 12.99
Vegetable Fried Rice

Rice fried with vegetables and Chinese sauces.

$ 12.99
Schezwan Fried Rice

Rice prepared with garlic, chilies and Schezwan sauces.

$ 12.99
Triple Schezwan

Fried Rice and noodles flavored with Schezwan sauce.

$ 12.99
Idli Chilli

Fluffy steamed rice cake fried with veggies, chilies and schezwan sauce topped with green onions.

$ 11.99
Chilli Paneer

Cottage cheese chucks stir-fried with capsicum, onions and tantalizing Chinese sauce.

$ 13.99
Schezwan Noodles

Noodles prepared with garlic, chilies and Schezwan sauces.

$ $12.99


Paneer Tikka Masala

Marinated paneer cheese served in a spiced gravy.

$ 12.99
Paneer Kadai

Paneer cooked in a spicy gravy made of onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and traditional Indian spices.

$ 12.99
Malai Kofta

Small round and crispy dumplings with dry fruit filling, soaked in a flavorful gravy, prepared with spices and cream.

$ 12.99
Veg Kadai

Mixed vegetables cooked with fresh ground spices and then simmered in delicious tomato gravy.

$ 10.99
Palak Paneer

Thick curry made from pureed spinach and masala and other spices.

$ 12.99
Chana Masala

Chickpeas cooked with a blend of Indian spices and tomato puree.

$ 10.99
Paneer Makhani

A slightly sweet creamy dish prepared with spices, tomatoes, butter, cashews and cream.

$ 12.99
Dal Tadka

Lentils cooked with onion, tomato and flavored with a generous amount of tempered ghee and spices.

$ 9.99


Chowpatty Thali

A full serving of 4 different curries, lentil, rice, roti, papad, sweet lassi and a special sweet dish.

$ 17.99
Mini Thali

Serving of 2 different curries, lentil, rice, roti and a special sweet dish.

$ 11.99


Chowpatty Falooda

Made with vanilla ice cream, sweet basil seeds, rose syrup and milk.

$ 7.99
Gulab Jamun

Made from fresh milk, cream, and nuts, and topped with dry fruit

$ 4.99
Ras Malai

$ 5.99


Masala Tea

Indian style masala hot tea.

$ 2.99
Mango Lassi

Classic traditional yogurt based drink blend with salt, spices, mango plup, and water.

$ 4.99
Sweet Lassi

Classic traditional yogurt based drink blend with sugar, spices and water.

$ 4.99
Chikoo Milkshake

Asian & Latin Plums blended with rich milk and icecream.

$ 7.99

Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Thumbs Up, Pakola, Limca, and more.

$ 2.49
Masala Lemon Soda

Indian style lemon and masala blend drink for refreshing taste.

$ 3.99
Kalakhatta Soda

Indian style Kala Khatta drink made with Kala Khatta syrup, masala blend and soda.

$ 3.99
Vanilla Milkshake

Classic flavors of vanilla, milk and ice-cream blend.

$ 7.99
Chocolate Milkshake

Classic flavors of chocolates, milk and ice-cream blend.

$ 7.99
Strawberry Milkshake

Fresh strawberry fruit blend with cream, milk and vanilla ice-cream.

$ 7.99



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